Eight years ago, many people walked into reStore aspiring to be conscious consumers. Today, many of them have journeyed with us in questioning things around them, exploring more life-affirming alternatives. We facilitate the coming together of these Communities of Practice, who are now strong support systems to help more and more people help take the courage to step out of oppressive lifestyles handed over to them and create the lives they want for themselves.

Homeschooling / Unschooling Community: More and more families are seeking to pull their children out of mainstream schools and see them grow up with freedom and joy into their own beings. We meet on the first Sunday of every month for a potluck gathering with activities and discussions. 

Back-to-the-Land Community: Many families who began their journeys as consumers of organic food are now choosing to move to the land and do farming themselves. We facilitate organising the Back-to-the-Land gatherings where aspiring farmers and those who have already made their move meet and learn and grow together. 

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