Learning & Healing

The events and dialogues that we anchor here aim to help in deepening our understanding of the crisis, its inner and outer dimensions, and healing at both the individual and collective levels.

We organise Film Screenings, Talks, Courses, Classes, Interactive Sessions, Introductory Sessions, Tours & Immersive Residential Workshops in outside locations on the following themes.
1. Sustainable Living – Composting, Green Building, etc.
2. Health – Naturopathy, Herbs for healing, etc.
3. Homesteading (Art & Craft) – Gardening, Farming, Weaving, Upcycling, etc.
4. Nature & Wildlife – Snakes, Identifying trees & plants, Nature Camps, etc.
5. Self-Inquiry / Healing – Yoga, NLP, Qi-gong, Interplay, etc.
6. Alternative Processes – Sociocracy, Non-Violent Communication, etc.
7. Food – Millet cooking, Vegan recipes, etc.
8. Understanding world crisis – Activism, Capitalism, Casteism, Agrarian Crisis, Corporate Control, etc.
9. Lifestyle Changes – Homeschooling, Green Career, Moving to cloth pads and nappies, etc.
10. Conscious Business / Sacred Economics, etc.

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