The Store

Our store sells organic food (100% organic), books and nature-friendly products. We are open from Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm. Click here for our address and location.

Every Tuesday & Saturday, we have a bazaar with fresh fruits and vegetables and other interesting stalls from 2 to 8 pm. Click here to learn more about our bazaars. 

We don't have a Door Delivery service, as we are unable to devote resources and time to this right now. If distances are prohibitive please find a shop near you on the website of our sister-organization Organic Farmers Market.

Buying in your own bags and containers At reStore we do not use plastic packaging for rices, pulses and millets. Please bring your own bags / containers for your purchase of these. If you are unable to, you can buy these items in cloth bags (reusable) of different sizes that we sell for Rs.12 each.

We are still looking for options to pack flours, spices and other items without using plastic. We would be glad to keep such items aside for you so that you can pick-up in your own container or bag. Please call us 48 hours ahead; we will be grateful for your commitment to reduce our plastic footprint.

You can pre-order online for store pick-up on Tuesdays. 


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