reStore is a community's response to the present day crises of environment, health, and livelihood:  a volunteer organization in Chennai founded in 2008 with the primary mission of supporting organic farming, safe foods, and sustainable ways of living. An overview of our activities:


reStore works with small and marginal farmers as well as other rural producers to support their livelihoods. We  operate a not-for profit shop where we sell 100% organic foods sourced directly from farmers. Organic verification is done by means of personal visits to see their farms and understand their work, and price-setting is by mutual consent.


We attempt to bring people together, to explore more sustainable ways of life via workshops, conferences, documentary film-screenings, interactive talks and hands-on work in community gardens. Through their engagement with local organic safe foods, the community's response to a world in crisis has now grown. Many work towards ecological restoration, are running other small organic outlets or pop-up bazaars in middle class localities, and are outspoken about the need for safe foods free of chemicals and GMOs.

Some families are keenly interested in Natural learning and home-schooling their children, and reStore has offered a hub for their explorations. We also facilitate and organize Back-to-the-Land gatherings for those who seek to live closer to nature -- from growing their own food to moving out of the city altogether.


Connect with nature, be joyful, grow your own food, and share it widely! We have a small community garden at our premises. We also hold workshops on organic terrace gardening, composting and sell a variety of heirloom seeds, saplings, garden inputs, plastic-free terrace garden containers.      


Community Garden

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