reStore collaborates with producers of organic foods as well as with individuals and alliances advocating and working towards safe food that is free from chemicals and other toxins.

reStore sources foods from individual farmers and organizations working with small organic farmers. Many are non-profits who work with marginalized farmers and traditional crops. They are all sensitive to promoting local consumption of organic, healthy and safe food by the farmers themselves, rather than support growing for the urban markets alone. We constantly interact with them, visit their farms, share experiences and building relationships that go beyond just supplier-buyer.


Organic Farmers Market  is a movement borne out of the reStore experience. OFM is a collective initiative to source and spread organic produce that is guaranteed chemical-free, traceable, of fair price to both consumer and producer. 

Tula -India is a social enterprise that restores traditional rainfed "Desi" cotton, and improves the livelihoods of cotton farmers along with natural-dying, spinning and handloom weaving. Tula is a model for reviving India's traditional fabric and cotton.

Safe Food Alliance is a network of citizen's groups consisting of farmers, consumer groups, women’s collective, traders networks, film artists, musicians, students, mothers, doctors and many others joined with the objective to work towards “right to safe food and health” for all citizens. SFA has in the last 3 years networked with over 600 organizations across Tamil Nadu to create awareness and manage campaigns on safe food and health.

ASHA, Alliance for Sustainable & Holistic Agriculture – is an informal network of more than four hundred organizations around twenty states of India consisting of farmers’ organizations, NGOs promoting organic / ecological farming, environmental groups, consumer rights organizations, agriculture scientists etc. ASHA came together in 2010 to organise a Kisan Swaraj Yatra, a nation-wide mobilisation to draw attention to issues pertaining to Food, Farmers, Freedom.

India for Safe Food is a recent campaign of ASHA to create awareness about the poison on our plates and the ill effects of pesticides. The campaign included various programs and events like Safe Food Melas to raise public engagement with issues related to food safety.

Tharcharbu Iyakkam –
An organization to spread ecological agriculture in Tamil Nadu at the grassroots. Also publisher of Thalanmai – a Tamil monthly journal on sustainable agriculture, food and lifestyle.


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