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Thinai ellogarey

(Recipe will serve about six)

150 g ellu (sesame seeds)
1 ½ cups thinai
100 g urad dal
6 red chillies (or to taste)
50 g groundnuts

For seasoning:
mustard seeds
channa dal
gingelly oil (cold pressed is best)

1.  First cook the thinai just like you would cook rice, in water (1: 2 of thinai: water, if you cook the thinai on an open stove otherwise 1: 11/2 if cook it in a pressure cooker). Spread out on a large plate or dish and cool so that the thinai is not sticky.
2.  Dry roast ellu/ sesame seeds/til separately. Then roast urad dal, red chillies and asafoetida  in a tsp of gingelly oil. Dry grind these items and add in the ellu last, making a coarse powder.
3.  In a pan, heat a generous amount of gingelly oil; to this add some more urad dal, mustard, groundnuts, channa dal, asafoetida, turmeric. Add salt to taste.
4. Add in the coarsely ground ellu powder to the above seasoning. Put in the thinai rice and mix in gently a little at a time until the mixture is even.

*Puliogarey uses tamarind while ellogare is made with till/ellu/sesame seeds. This is a South Indian Iyengar delicacy found rarely these days and mainly only at temple festivals.
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