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Ragi keerai adai

 1 cup (approx.150 g) ragi flour
 a few drumstick leaves removed from stalk
 2 onions
 1 green chilli
 a piece of ginger
 mustard seeds
 *Curds or buttermilk can be substituted for water for making the dough
*If keerai is not available coriander leaves can be substituted
1.Masala mix for adai: Pick, wash and dry keerai and chop finely. Also chop onions, ginger, green chilli fine. Use a little oil and pop the mustard seeds, and then sauté the onion mixture till it turns brownish. Then add the chopped keerai and sauté till it appears slightly cooked. Add salt to taste. (The keerai tends to be slightly salty so add less salt than normal.) Take off from heat and cool.

2.Making the dough: Add the masala mix to the ragi flour and stir in evenly. Add a little salt if preferred. Make a stiff dough with this mixture adding very little water at a time. It should not become very sticky.

3.Preparing the adai: Use a thick-bottomed tava or non-stick pan. Take small portions of the flour and roll into balls as for making chapattis. Place on a plantain leaf on which some oil has been spread. Pat with the palm or fingers of the hand and spread the dough into rounds as thin as rotis. Transfer carefully onto a hot tava after spreading a little oil or ghee on it. Maintain a medium/low flame and cook slowly. Turn over to cook evenly on both sides using ghee or oil as required. Serve hot.
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