ragiThe great thing about millets is that we don’t need to significantly change our diet to use them. They can simply replace rice and wheat in most dishes! Those undertaking Ayurveda / Siddha treatment for skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis, should consult their doctor before consuming millets.

Samai, varagu and thinai can be used in the same way we use regular rice. Mixed rices like tomato rice, coconut rice, methi rice, puliyodarai, curd rice, lemon rice are all delicious with samai and varagu. Thinai and samai can be made into payasam and kichidi. Ragi (little millet), jowar (finger millet) and bajra (pearl millet) can be made into dosas and adais. Jowar and bajra can be made into rotis.

You can find here recipes that use millets as the main ingredient. You can also find more information regarding the millets that we stock under 'Our Products' on the main menu.


Millet Idli
Millet dosa
Thinai adai
Thinai ellogarey
Thinai kozhukkattai
Jowar-bajra roti
Ragi keerai adai
Sprouted ragi balls
Thinai payasam
Thinai uppuma
Ragi puttu

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