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1. Black pepper

2. Cardamom

3. Cinnamon

4. Cloves

5. Mustard seeds

6. Red chilli powder

7. Jeera

8. Methi seeds

9. Dhania seeds

Conventional chilli cultivation uses pesticides and fungicides like lindane, quinalphos, acephate, dicofol, dimethoate, monocrotophos, triazophos, cypermethrin, mancozeb. You cannot eat a chilli sprayed with mancozeb (a fungicide) until five days are over. It has the potential to cause goitre and the metabolite has produced birth defects and cancer in experimental animals. The wait time for a chilli sprayed with quinolphos (an organophosphate insecticide) is between 5-10 days.

chilli pdrBright red chilli powder available in the market is coated with a dye called Sudan Red, a carcinogenic chemical used in the textile industry. When this chemical dye was detected, a huge consignment of red chillies was sent back to India from the UK in 2003. The Spices Board was forced to cancel the license of the five Indian exporters involved and to order mandatory pre-ship inspection of all future chilli consignments leaving the country.

(If you want to test chilli powder quickly yourself, put some in water. If there is sawdust, it will float to the surface. If there is dye, the water will get coloured. If there is red brick powder, it will sediment faster than the real chilli.)

Our chilli powder is made from organically grown chillies, without the use of any additives.

10. Sesame seeds (black)

11. Turmeric

Conventional turmeric cultivation uses different varieties of toxic chemical fertilizers and pesticides. For instance, the seed material (rhizomes) is first treated by farmers with fungicides and systemic pesticides (copper oxychloride; dithane M-45; Bavistin) which are all implicated in sperm damage.

turmeric pdrTurmeric powders sold in the market is further adulterated with deadly chemicals, making it further toxic. It is found to be mixed with starch powder or saw dust dyed yellow with coal tar dyes (including metanil yellow) or with extremely toxic substances like lead chromate which is cheaply available. Lead poisoning can cause or worsen anaemia, abdominal pain, neurological problems, kidney damage, hypertension and foetal distress.

Our turmeric is organically grown, boiled, dried and powdered without any additives. It gives a distinct aroma which instantaneously wins the approval of most of our customers.

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