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wheat atta1. Bajra flour

2. Jowar flour

3. Ragi flour

4. Rice flour

5. Wheat flour

6. Samba wheat rava

7. Gram flour (besan)

Any readymade, branded wheat flour in the market today is likely to have its wheat germs (containing oil) removed, since the oil can go rancid. Along with the germs, minerals and vitamins are also removed.

A concoction of toxic pesticides (including lindane, used to kill lice) is sprayed on the wheat crops cultivated conventionally. Unlike rice (which has a husk to protect it), wheat gets directly exposed to the chemicals and absorbs it more readily. It has been found that, for this reason, many allergies which may come from eating contaminated wheat flour disappear when the person stops eating wheat or wheat products (including biscuits) altogether or switches to wheat grown without chemicals.

Our wheat flour is made from organically cultivated wheat. We procure fresh wheat grains, dry and winnow them clean, and have them milled every week retaining the wheat germ and with it, all the nutrition.

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