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1. Red rice aval (beaten rice , poha). Considered as nutritious as hand-pounded rice, the beaten rice at reStore is made from traditional rice varieties such as red rice, basmati and kavuni. 

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2. Groundnuts (peanuts). A great source of iron and proteins, we offer both raw and roasted groundnuts.

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3. Cashewnuts. Organic nut-ritious cashew. 

4. Multigrain kanji mix. Our inhouse specialty! This delicious porridge mix is made with the following whole grains: Red rice, Ragi, Bajra, Jowar, Thinai, Samai, Green gram,  Aval, Samba wheat,  Groundnuts, Cashews and cardamom for flavouring. A wholesome breakfast loaded with nutrition! 

5. Tea.  Organic green and black (orange pekoe) teas from Korakunda estates in the Nilgiris.

6. Herbitea. Made according to an ancient ayurvedic recipe using selected herbs – lemon grass, brahmi, cardamom, saunf, tulasi, cloves, ginger, lavang, pepper, rose petals, mulaithi, arjun bark, ashwagandha, cinnamon and green tea – this herbal tea has medicinal properties and is useful in tackling disorders relating to digestion, respiration, blood pressure, cholesterol, arthritis etc. A 100 gms. bottle makes 100-150 cups of tea. From Navadarshanam.

7. Peanut butter. Made by hand, with no artificial inputs, using organically grown peanuts. No chemicals, harmful preservatives or added hydrogenated oils. A great source of protein and iron for children. From Navadarshanam.

8.  Idly molagai powder. All organic authentic Madras molagai podi processed in small batches to ensure freshness.

9. Sambhar powder. All organic ingredients, ground fresh in small batches. Makes a very flavourful sambhar!

10. Raisins. Dried grapes -- Organic, unsulphured, no preservatives.

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