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  • Personal Care Products - Natural Soaps, Balms, Bath Products
    • Neev ORGANIC Handmade Cosmetics are made from organic  oils (coconut, olive and mahua oils) and essential oils without any chemicals or artificial colours. We stock Aloe-Lavender
      Lemongrass, Almond-Rose, Olive-Rose, Patchouli and Divine Sandalwood organic soaps. .


    • Balms: Beeswax based balms for lips, cracked feet, joint pains, insect repellent, and more .
    • Bath Products:
      • reStore's home-made bath powder has a base of Organic green gram with kastoori manjal and a dozen other herbs to cleanse, soften, and exfoliate your skin!
      • Shikakai powder with herbs Vettiver and Hibiscus for washing hair.
  • Eco-friendly Household Cleaners - that clean your home, bathrooms, etc., without toxic effects on your health or the environment.
    • AEM or Activated Effective Microorganisms is a formula of microorganisms grown in a fermented base of jaggery. These bacteria help in speeding up decomposition and hence are beneficial in composting and gardening, as well as to clean and deodorize within the house. AEM comes with a detailed instruction sheet explaining its dilution and application.  
      Surface cleaning of floors - add 50 ml to a bucket of water. In bathrooms, for tiled walls, in sinks, inside and around toilet bowls - apply undiluted in appropriate amount and keep overnight; use a small household sprayer. In closets, shelves - wet cloth in AEM solution, wring out and wipe .
  • Krya natural laundry detergent for machine or hand-wash , based on organic soapberries
  • Natural dishswash powder and bath-cleaner powder made from citrus peel powder, cowdung ash, shikakai and soap-nut powder.
  • Gardening Inputs - Organic inputs for your backyard or rooftop garden: Panchakavya, Herbal pest repellent, Seeds.



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