reStore is the expression of the enthusiasm and dedicated work of many people, some of whom have taken organizational responsibility as well.  The roles played are not limited to those described below. Spontaneous volunteerism has been the norm at reStore, blurring the lines between shop-keepers, farmers and customers.  We whole-heartedly invite and accept all involvement great and small – lending the space its unique warm character and are very grateful for these. We trust that reStore will continue to be run by the community it serves.


Restore is anchored by dedicated staff members who manage the day-to-day operations of both retail and non-retail work.

Sajjiraj - Grocery and store management 

Kanthamani - Fresh produce management

Ravikumar - Bazaar operations


Gomati  - Grain-maintenance, processing,  grocery packing

Mallika - Grocery assistance

Suresh - Garden department, store operations

Sarasa - Gardening inputs. 

Sivagami - General maintenance.

Shaktivel, Venkatesh and Rajendran - Part-time support

Hema plays a key role in taking forward an expanded vision of the organization - coordinating the community garden, workshops, events and the Books section of the store.

Radhika anchors the executive direction and maintenance of legal compliances. She holds the balance between the organic shop and community dialogues. She is drawn to work towards power symmetry in the organization, and places importance on collaborative processes. She has included  processes from Sociocracy and NVC into the decision making. 

AnanthScouting for and building relationships with farmers and supplier groups continues to be led by the deeply committed Ananthoo. His wide travel and involvement with organizations throughout the country have integrated our efforts with the larger organic movement in India.


Ashok Subramanian leads reStore's commitment to individual and organizational development via curating and facilitating workshops, and internal training in Sociocracy.

Karthikeyan, Narayanan, Anne and several customers volunteer at our bazaars.

Radhika Rammohan and Rajeev Natarajan are Directors of the company.

Radhika, Kantha, Ravikumar, Arun and Gowtham in front of reStore


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