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reStore has been shaped by the invaluable contributions of its initial volunteer group. All of them made famous our 'Saturday bazaars' by their energy and hard work. Many individuals spontaneously took our dream as their own and any names left out in our acknowledgement is unintentional.

  • Sangeetha's dream and initiative towards building a community organization infected us all with enthusiasm and led to the creation of reStore. She initiated many activities and ideas - making restore a hub for the natural learning, urban gardening and 'back to the land'  movements.
  • Meera designed and wrote content for the website. She also looked into grain maintenance techniques.
  • Karthik and his team at Rage Communications developed and continue to maintain the website. He also created templates for business planning and pricing.
  • Usha, Hari and Sumathy made our initial visits to vegetable farmers. They (along with Usha's mother) were our “star players” since the first bazaar. 
  • Chitra and Lalitha maintained our accounts for the first few years. 
  • Rajeev drafted our earliest business plan, and put together the billing and vegetable pre-ordering software that served us for long.
  • Balachander, Gowtham, Naveen and Venkataraman contributed in several aspects of store operations and the idea of restore as a learning centre.
  • Rohit, Gayatri, Praveen, Vijayapriya, Vaidy, Nityanand, Anita, Radha, Edrin, Shankar, Prabha, Sandhya, Kavitha L, Harsha, Prabha K, Seema, Divya, Uday and numerous others have contributed their time and energy.

Our Thanks To

  • Sandeep Murali and Gayatri Sandeep whose space we are in now.
  • Raghavendra Rao who generously made available to us our first home in Kasturba Nagar.
  • S Jayalakshmi who gave use of her garage as our godown for the first two years.
  • Savithri Vaithi and residents of Vishranti home for aged women who supported our venture in its initial months, and helped store and clean grains. 
  • Shammi Nanda, Lalitha Iyer, Gayatri Sriram and Raghu Ananthanarayanan who have facilitated organization development and conflict resolution processes.
  • T K Ramkumar, Advocate.
  • Vijay Kumar of Janata Press who does all our printing.
  • C R Kumar and Company, Auditors and Chartered Accountants.
  • M Damodaran & Associates, Company Secretaries.

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