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Foods we sell are 100% Organic. No synthetic chemicals, or additives like colors and preservatives are used at any stage in the growing, processing or preservation of these products.

We source from individual farmers, farmer groups, and producer companies marketing organics. A volunteer of reStore personally visits producers to understand their work and verify their commitment to organic farming. We aim to build mutually beneficial relationships with our anna-dAtAs.

We give priority to:

  • local farms – reducing food miles
  • small farmers – enhancing livelihoods
  • sustainable practices – e.g., minimizing external inputs in farming, conserving soil via mulching


Product criteria:

  • priority to traditional foods & native varieties – enhancing biodiversity and nutrition
  • packaging quality and biodegradability
  • livelihood promotion
  • shelf-life
  • price


Plastic packaging materials do not bio-degrade, and have a huge environmental cost, ending up in garbage dumps or worse still, in the stomachs of unsuspecting animals foraging in garbage. The less packaging we use, the less we contribute to these problems.

To shop at reStore please come prepared with the following:

Rices, pulses and millets:  Sold without plastic cover, directly from bins. Please bring your own BAGS to take your provisions home.

Oils: Bring CONTAINERS to buy oils which we dispense direct from drums.

Vegetables & Fruits: Bring a few bags to hold about 3-5 Kg each to separate categories of fresh produce.

Flours, Spices etc:
We are looking for options to pack flours, spices and other items without using plastic. We would be glad to keep such items aside for you so that you can pick-up in your own container or bag. Please call us 48 hours ahead.

Note that all items need to be transferred into containers and stored as appropriate in your home. Paper covers and cloth bags are not suited for storage of grains. 

Do bring large shopping bags to take everything home!


  1. Our online order website can be used to pre-book and pick-up your groceries/ veggies on Tuesdays (order by Sunday).
  2. We do not have a Door Delivery service. If distances are prohibitive please check the Facebook page of our sister-organization Organic Farmer's Market, to find a shop near you.
  3. Sorry that we also do not have a mail-order service.


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