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Sweet whole wheat dosa

2 cups whole wheat flour
11/4 cup jaggery
1/2 cup rice flour
5 pods cardamom, powdered fine
ghee for roasting the dosa

1. Add 2 cups water to the jaggery. Heat slightly over the stove until all the jaggery dissolves in the water. Strain the liquid to remove impurities and leave to cool.

2. Add the jaggery water to the flours and mix thoroughly to make the batter. Add in the cardamom too.

3. Pour the batter as thin as possible on the hot tava by using a ladle. Start from the outside and move in to the center of the tava by using a cuved movement of the wrist to spread quickly. This way of preparing the dosa takes a little while to master, but is well worth the effort!

4. Serve hot. This dosa can be served along with a savoury dosa and accompaniments or as a simple, nourishing and delicious sweet dish of its own.
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