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May 21, 2011

I am baaaaccckkkkk !! After a multi-phased move, this blog post comes to you from my new home office. Taking centre stage here is my old desk, that sadly, didn’t travel well. Has lost some skin and a few bits and pieces..But you know what? It is comfy. I believe it wears its scars well.  And first day on the job in the new office, it has inspired me to get back on the saddle! What more could you ask of a desk.. eh?

One thing I learnt from this move is I hold on to a lot more stuff than I think I do. Until now I took pride in my ability to give things away ruthlessly…. Sadly,  not ruthless or thorough enough!! 30 odd boxes of books..!! that is after giving away 5 boxes.. Sniff, Sniff!!

While I was working on my ruthless purging of stuff, had to eat no?  No time to make ‘propah’ meals. I depended a whole lot on curd rice and sandwiches and wraps.  So, here are a few that I thought were worth sharing. They largely came from what was available and what went well with many different covers – bread, chapati, dosa.. ( Reminder to self.. research or invent word for the thing that holds the fillings.. )

Cucumber Filling

Fresh cucumber sliced round, slightly chunky .. about four slices per sandwich

Olive oil, lime juice, salt, pepper, crushed toasted cumin- blend this together using a fork or beater.

Dip the cucumber slices in just before you put them on the bread.

Tomato and Potato Filling

Tomatoes – sliced 3-4 per sandwich

Potatoes boiled, mashed and salted to taste.. about a table spoon per sandwich

Onions chopped fine.. about a teaspoon per sandwich

A bit of  masala from citrus pickles- lime tastes great.( If you like strong flavours, you may add chopped bits of lime as well)

Spread a not very thick layer of the potato on the bread/roti/dosa. Sprinkle chopped onion on top.

Gently spread or mix in the pickle masala  all round on the tomato slices and place them over the potato onion mixture above. Wrap/cover/fold!

Grated Veg Filling

Grated Vegetables: Carrots, Bottle Gourd, Radish, Coconut, Mango…. any thing that can be grated and it is a vegetable that you would like. Adjust ratio to taste. You would need about one third of a cup of the final output  for a standard sandwich on bread.. for other (hosts? covers? wraps?) .. such as dosa or roti.. adjust according to size and taste..

finely chopped onions, green chillies, ginger, coriander..even a bit of garlic is ok.. Some peanut powder will fit in here as well

some mustard, cumin/ jeera and oil for seasoning.. Salt to taste.. Asafoetida, chilly powder, turmeric.. if you prefer..

Heat up a heavy bottomed pan.. pop the seasoning in oil

add the finely chopped onions..etc let sizzle for a very short bit .. the pan should remain hot..

Add in the grated vegetables let sizzle for a very short bit.. add the salt and the rest of the  spices you are using..

Well folks thats the post for today..

I promise to catch up with more frequent postings beginning June..

My sincere thanks to you guys..  for putting up with my absence on the blog with nary a reproachful sigh.

As always, I look forward to your responses.. do write in with your experiences.. problems.. questions.. ideas .. thoughts.. critiques.. cheers.. appreciation.. tearful gratitude..

Do stay in touch.. 🙂


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