With each of us being a consumer, we believe that choosing what we buy could be a great starting point to vote for a more peaceful, nonviolent and life-affirming world. We run a not-for-profit organic store where we sell organic food and nature-friendly alternatives to many products in the market. We sell products that restore health, nature and livelihoods. We sell in a way that helps build an economy based on trust, cooperation, sharing and caring. Read more about THE STORE

We started in 2008 and have grown through a beautiful journey or enquiry, care and co-creation. Read more about Our Story So Far

We believe that the ecological, economic, political and social crises of our times are quite complex and are all manifestations of a deeply spiritual crisis. In order to meaningfully respond to this, we need to continuously enquire into the nature of the crisis and find ways to heal both at individual and at collective levels. Read more about LEARNING & HEALING 

We believe that no one person has all the answers or all the means to bring about change. The wisdom and strength for our times is with the collective. We facilitate the coming together of people on similar journeys and co-learning and co-creation. Read more about our  COMMUNITIES OF PRACTICE